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This Is Creative Enterprise

This Is Creative Enterprise is a series of workshops for young people aged 11-14 who want to have a creative career. The workshops form part of a vocational qualification and are run by CC-Creative Workshops, who believe that ‘all individuals should be able to take control of their own career decisions and their own creative destiny. They can only truly do this when they are well informed, with access to the right tools, knowledge and networks to help develop skills and fuel a desire to succeed…’ Subjects include fashion, design, music and performing arts.

Students who participate in the programme go through three stages:

Bronze – One day workshops that give an overview of the industries and give the students an idea of how they can progress in their chosen creative career.

Silver – Specialist workshops ran in businesses and universities, where students can begin to develop their skills.

Gold – A select group of students with a genuine interest and creative flair go through to work on live briefs delivered by local and national creative organisations. This stage involves training days, a creative project and a show of the final work.

Workshop tutor and graphic designer Mark Pattinson, one of our clients, approached Potts Print (UK) to get involved in the project. 24 silver stage design students designed new packaging for a Blackberry phone and were then invited to visit our print facility in Cramlington on Friday 18th March. Ian White and Tony Mullarkey showed the students how their artwork is processed, printed and assembled to make a final product. During the tour our technical services team CAD cut some mockups of their designs.

The students are all from local schools and colleges: Mardon High School, Longbenton Community College, Churchill Community College and North Tyneside Council Young Apprenticeships Programme.

Everyone who progresses to the gold stage will display their work in the final show, which will take place in May 2011. Details to be posted on this blog.

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