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Grinning Idiots Welcome At Newcastle Quayside

What do you get if you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?

A sheep-kangaroo hybrid that doesn’t survive for very long and causes an almighty uproar with animal rights protesters.

That’s not the kind of joke you’d have heard at the Live Theatre lately, because they actually book professional comedians! The Live Stand-Up shows took place at the Newcastle quayside venue earlier this month, with Potts Print (UK) sponsoring the events alongside The Grinning Idiot Comedy Club. More shows are planned for summer 2011, and you can sign up for email updates on the Live Theatre website to be first in the queue for tickets!


(Image source: Live Theatre)

Comedians in the March 2011 shows included Jo Caulfield (head writer for Graham Norton), Sol Bernstein (the creation of Steve Jameson, who has been described as “One part Alf Garnet, two parts Mel Brooks and three parts like nothing else you have heard”), local prankster Steve Drayton and the emotionally unstable Scott Capurro (above).

Book tickets for upcoming shows at Live Theatre.

Print like there’s no tomorrow at Potts Print (UK).


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