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Hands up if you know what a Buhrs is…

To compliment its new Roland 705 press, Potts Print (UK) is also currently building another Buhrs BB300 enveloping system for its Direct Mail service.

Get inside the BB300’s intricate workings in the gallery below…

From the Buhrs website: ‘This enveloping system was especially designed for same sized mailings in all popular DIN formats, and even for special formats. Quick and simple adjustments make low volume machine-processed mail economically viable. High volume mail is processed swiftly and without hitches.’

Here are the tech specs for people who like that sort of thing:

Mechanical performance


– 10,000 envelopes per hour


Envelope formats


– min. 114 x 162 mm

– max. 250 x 353 mm


Product formats


– min 105 x 148 mm

– max. 229 x 324 mm


Product thickness


– 3 mm for rotary feeder

– 10 mm for shuttle feeder

– 13 mm for vacuum/friction feeder

– 70 g/m² – max. 180 g/m² paper

weight for folding feeder


The new Buhrs machine will sit on top of the recently constructed mezzanine floor at Atlas House.

Find out more at

See what else we do at Potts Print (UK) at

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