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One Small Step for Potts…

Here at Potts Print (UK) we take pride in staying ahead of the game when it comes to technology.

We invest in the latest Roland lithographic presses, with cutting-edge power-economising capabilities and Formula 1-like telemetry. Our digital printers are state of the art Xerox and Océ flagship models. We even have a machine that vends tea via a fancy electronic key system.

So it only seems fitting, on the day of the final launch of space shuttle Atlantis, to announce our latest technological marvel: Visitors to Potts Print (UK) can now utilise free Wi-Fi throughout the building!

1. Atlantis | 2. Wi-Fi (so advanced it’s invisible)

Much like NASA, Potts Print (UK) likes to share its ventures with the world. So we’ll be bringing you live coverage of both events throughout the day.

This is a live stream of the build up to the Atlantis launch…

…and this is a live stream of our Wi-Fi in action!


(Like I said, it’s invisible.)

Here’s hoping that today’s events each enjoy a successful take-off, and are remembered as triumphs in the history of both NASA and Potts Print (UK).

Your leading source of space travel news direct from the Kennedy Space Center* is CNN.

Your leading provider of printing, packaging and direct mail solutions direct from Cramlington is Potts Print (UK).

*Translation: Kennedy Space Centre


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