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Thursday 3:30 | Everyday Is Like Thursday


This week’s Thursday 3:30 might seem familiar to anyone who’s a fan of Morrissey. It’s a portrait by Sarah Deane, who is a co-sponsor of this year’s Design Event, alongside Potts Print (UK), OPR, Living North Magazine and others.

Sarah says: “I did this last week for a client. Tommy came to my studio in Newcastle for a shoot with his wife and baby of 4 months. He wanted a recreation of the recent Morrissey album ‘Years of Refusal’ just for a bit of fun… so i did it! Apparently the baby on the original album cover belonged to Morrissey’s stylist. The font was inspired by a 1960’s Herb Alpert album, ‘South of the Border’. The one used wasn’t quite the same but after a a lot of research this was the closest I could get!”

You can find out more about Design Event at and see more of Sarah’s work at


Thursday 3:30 is a photo-blog which is posted at, you’ve guessed it, 3:30pm on Thursdays. If you’re an employee, client, supplier, friend, relation or fan of Potts Print (UK) you can send your photos for a future Thursday 3:30 – just email it to with a bit of info about who you are and what your photo is about. Keep it clean folks!

Best wishes,

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)


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