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Thursday 3:30 | Fog On The Tyne


Well, there’s no fog in this picture, but there’s definitely a winter chill in the air. It was taken by Ken Nicholson from the Potts Print (UK) Business Development Team, of the Millennium Bridge at Newcastle Quayside.

Ken says:

“Last Saturday (17th September 2011) was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Millennium Bridge. I thought this shot I took in 2006 might be appropriate. Now I know that every man and his dog have probably taken a picture of this bridge, but I have to say I was quite pleased with this effort. The kind of photography I really like is landscape work, and the camera I have is a Canon EOS 300D. I have had some decent results with my current kit, so it does the job for me.”

I love the vivid colours and the amount of detail in this photo – the ghostly figures on the left, the Pitcher & Piano getting lively in the background, and the Christmas tree on the other side of the water! Which reminds me, it’s only 94 days until Christmas…

Santa says:


Thursday 3:30 is a photo-blog which is posted at, you’ve guessed it, 3:30pm on Thursdays. If you’re an employee, client, supplier, friend, relation or fan of Potts Print (UK) you can send your photos for a future Thursday 3:30 – just email it to with a bit of info about who you are and what your photo is about. It doesn’t have to be professional, just interesting. Keep it clean folks!

Best wishes,

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)


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