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Thursday 3:30 | Where’s Frankie?

Shamed X Factor ‘star’ Frankie Cocozza has taken refuge from the media by hiding in our Océ 6160 digital press. Three of his new celebrity pals – also called Frankie – have joined him today. Can you spot all four Frankies in this photo?


(I should have mentioned that there’s no prize. But do give yourself a pat on the back if you spotted them!)

Thursday 3:30 is a photo-blog which is posted at, you’ve guessed it, 3:30pm on Thursdays. If you’re an employee, client, supplier, friend, relation or fan of Potts Print (UK) you can send your photos for a future Thursday 3:30 – just email it to with a bit of info about who you are and what your photo is about. It doesn’t have to be professional, just interesting. Keep it clean folks!

Best wishes,

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)



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