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Thursday 3:30 | Samuel L. Jackson & Huggy Bear Spotted at Gateshead FC Match


Only joking – it’s Tony Mullarkey and Andy Graham from Potts Print (UK) really. Production Manager Kevin Brown snapped them at the Gateshead FC vs Kidderminster Harriers match, which Gateshead won by a respectable two goals to one.

Tony then took the following close up, which shows the detail of a luxurious fur-collared Armani overcoat (responsibly faux, of course). It’s very similar to one that recently went missing from the coat stand of the most glamorous member of our Business Development Team, Ken Pearce. Not that I’m accusing anyone of anything… He is very upset about it though…


Thursday 3:30 is a photo-blog which is posted at, you’ve guessed it, 3:30pm on Thursdays. Email your photos to with a bit of info about who you are and what the photos are about, and you might see them in a future Thursday 3:30!

Best wishes,

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)

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