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Happy Mondays: Guest Blog by Anna Wilkinson of Northern Print & International Print Biennale


Good Times, Bad Times, All Times Get Over at Queen’s Hall, Hexham
Photo: Colin Davidson

Northern Print is catching its breath after a hectic 2011, in preparation for even more printastic events in 2012. We’re planning to take printmaking all the way around the globe and back again in time for the Olympics, as well as making prints here in Ouseburn day in day out with a whole host of artists and children.


Exhibition at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
Photo: Colin Davison

We’re just putting together the final report on International Print Biennale and are thrilled to see that the number of visitors has massively increased since 2009. We’ve had over 153,000 visitors to printmaking exhibitions and events across the region and received loads of really positive comments. My favourite has to be:

“This is not just a show on the wall of a museum, it is a tidal wave of education, curating and public celebration!”


Catalogue designed and printed by Potts Print (UK) 
Photo: Colin Davison

International Print Biennale is always an exciting and daunting prospect with so many partners and artists involved – many of them travelling from across the world to be here for the opening events – but always hugely rewarding. I loved meeting all the artists during the opening event and know for sure that new friendships and happy memories were made.


Steamroller print – inking up the lino
Photo: Denise Johnson


Steamroller print – the result!
Photo: Denise Johnson

My treasured memories of 2011 include waiting early one Sunday morning for Coquet Lass to arrive on Newcastle Quayside for our first ever steamroller print, and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces throughout the day as the print was inked and printed and the paper pealed back to reveal the image; seeing the perfection of Jonathan Watkins’ vision in the exhibition at Queen’s Hall in Hexham showing contemporary artists’ work, alongside wood engraving by Thomas Bewick; and meeting a thrilled Martha Lech, a young artist from Poland during her first London exhibition which she won as part of her prize from Clifford Chance. Marta will be returning to Northern Print this summer to make new work as she won our overseas residency prize too.


Winning artist Marta Lech with both her prizes
Photo: Colin Davison

Our next printmaking activity is the return of the Inky Print Club for families, which will take place on 15th  February. Thank you to all the great people at Potts Print (UK) who provide paper for children and young people to use at these workshops. A big piece of quality paper makes all the difference whatever the age of the artist!


Printmaking activity for all at the opening event
Photo Colin Davison

There are lots of ways to get involved with Northern Print, enjoy printmaking, meet people and support our work. Have a look at the Northern Print website to find out what’s on.

Best wishes,

Anna Wilkinson
Northern Print

P.S. If you’ve never seen a steamroller print in action, here it is!


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