Digital Printing Specialist Steve Oates to Compete in 2012 UK Gravity Enduro Series

By day he’s a kingpin of digital print, by night he’s a patient father, but by 24th March Steve Oates will be hurtling down a Scottish mountain bike track in the first race of the 2012 UK Gravity Enduro Series!


The first event will take place at Innerleithen Forest in Scotland, and later the competition will head to Hamsterly Forest in the north east.

Enduro racing is the latest form of mountain bike racing in the UK. The official website of the event says, “Enduro racing is a cross country event and is normally run on an existing red route cross country loop. The event is run like a stage rally event where each rider has to complete a set amount of stages. Most of the timed stages will be downhill but some will have uphill sections. Each event will consist of five competitive stages.”

Steve’s brother Phil will also be racing in this clash of the Titans. When asked if there was any sibling rivalry between the two competitors, perhaps a simmering feud born out of racing around the streets and playgrounds of their childhood, or an unspoken challenge between two athletes with their eyes on the prize, Steve said, “Nah.”


Potts Print (UK) is the official print sponsor of the event. All the riders’ race numbers have been printed in our digital printing department by Steve himself, and have been CAD cut by our packaging designer Paul Murphy.

You can find out more about the races at www.ukgravityenduro.com. Next month, Stop Press! will be reporting on the progress of Steve and Phil as the competition gets underway.

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