Second TyneMet College Graphic Design Student Begins Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy

TyneMet College student James Richardson has joined his (and our!) colleague Holly Musgrove in the Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy today.

James is also studying HND Graphic Design, and he’ll be based in our creative office every Tuesday. The placement will allow him to see how professional graphic designers work and to experience the role for himself, including dealing with customers and understanding the print process, as well as developing vital creative and technical skills for his future career.


Graphic designer Lee Hanson (left) teaches James to use Quark Xpress

This is what James has to say at the end of his first day…

What do you want to get out of the placement?

I want a good example of the experience of being a professional graphic designer in a work environment, to know the intensity of it, to prepare for the real world.

I also want to learn Quark Xpress. We don’t use it at college but it is industry standard, so learning it will give me an advantage over other people.

Do you see yourself being a graphic designer in the future?

Yes. It’s been a clear goal since high school. My options are open about working or going to university. I have a couple in mind, but anything could happen.

Are there any big differences (or similarities) between the projects you work on at college and the work you’ve seen today?

Yes and no. We get live briefs, which are probably similar to the briefs here, so that’s similar. They are also different, because they’re more ‘educational’. The work can still be intense, but probably not as high pressure as here.

Based on your experience today, was this a good idea?!


There will be updates on James’ progress over the coming months. Look out for an update soon.

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