Another Graphic Design Student Joins Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy

Our third recruit to the Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy has begun his placement. Chris Watts is currently studying at Sunderland University, and he joins Holly Musgrove and James Richardson in the Academy from today.


Graphic Designer Lee Hanson (right) shows Chris his current project

This is what Chris has to say at the end of his first day…

What do you want to get out of the placement?

To experience the day to day process of graphic design.

Do you see yourself being a graphic designer in the future?

I hope so, or I’ve wasted a lot of money and time!! Yes, I’m enjoying the course and want to do it as a job.

Are there any big differences (or similarities) between the projects you work on at university and the work you’ve seen today?

The briefs are more ‘open’ at university, whereas here they seem to be more geared towards customer requirements.

Based on your experience today, was this a good idea?!


Look out for an update on Chris’ progress soon.

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