Training & Skills Academy – James’ Story So Far

TyneMet College student James Richardson has been at the Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy for over a month now, so let’s catch up with him as he begins his 5th week…

What have you done so far?

I’ve worked on a range of jobs for a number of different clients on things like Christmas cards, brochures and posters. All of which are an incredibly fun and unique experience when working within this environment. Alongside working on jobs, I have also gained a wider knowledge in certain packages including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, thanks to Lee Hanson (Graphic Designer at Potts) who I’ve been working with.


Graphic Designer Lee Hanson (left) and Training & Skills Academy student James Richardson

Have you learned anything new?

I would say the main thing that I’ve learned is Quark Xpress. It’s a paste-up package just like Adobe InDesign, but is used more in the industry. In many ways these two packages are very similar, but they’re also very different. At first it was a little daunting to learn a package so fast, but I quickly grew used to it and even prefer it now! Apart from learning how to use Quark, I’ve also learned a few intricate details about design as well as having a little extra patience and to persevere if something doesn’t initially turn out how I like.

Have your views about doing graphic design professionally after university changed?

Not particularly. Ever since high school I’ve wanted a job in design, and if anything my time here has helped me strengthen that!

Is there anything you’d like to learn or experience that hasn’t been covered yet?

I think everything that I could currently think of experiencing or learning has been covered while on this placement, although I’m sure there are many more learning experiences to come, and I look forward to them!

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