Chris Reaches Week Four of Training & Skills Academy

He’s four weeks into the Potts Print (UK) Training & Skills Academy, and four weeks away from completing his graphic design course at University of Sunderland. Let’s see how Chris Watts is getting on…

What have you done on your placement so far?

So far I have progressed from placing images to conceptual work, and am now working on client jobs.


Graphic Designer Lee Hanson (left) and Training & Skills Academy student Chris Watts

Have you learned anything new since your placement started?

I am picking stuff up all the time, things I thought I would have known already. Some useful shortcuts too.

Have your views about doing graphic design after university changed?

Definitely not – got to give it a go! I enjoy it. I just need to make a living from it now.

Is there anything you’d like to learn or experience that hasn’t been covered yet?

I love learning new things so I reckon there is lots that I would like to learn that I haven’t even thought of yet.

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