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Press Release: Potts Print (UK) Achieves ‘Carbon Balanced Publication Printing Company’ Status

Northumberland based company Potts Print (UK) has carbon offset its entire operations with the conservation of 97,500 square metres of land, and as of 1st May 2012 will be the first Carbon Balanced Printing Company in the North of England.

Potts has been carbon balancing its paper as a service to clients since last year, via a partnership with Howard Smith Paper Group, The Paper Co and the conservation charity World Land Trust. The aim was always to go one step further and carbon balance all business activities as well as the materials it uses.

The next step was actually a giant leap.

Working with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM), Operations Director Tony Mullarkey submitted facts and figures about energy usage across the whole company – the printing presses, the computers and other hardware, company vehicle mileage, production of materials, delivery distances and everything else – and the ECCM calculated the carbon footprint of the business. This will be offset by the World Land Trust, through the preservation of endangered tropical rainforests equaling the size of 12 football pitches.


There is only a very small number of printing companies in the UK with the title Carbon Balanced Publication Printing Company, and Potts is aiming to become a leader in this movement.

With that in mind, it’s not only offsetting carbon that Potts’ dedicated environmental team is concerned with, it is also innovatively reducing carbon emissions across the business in the first place.

For a number of years Potts has utilised ‘green’ printing systems such as vegetable based inks, alcohol free printing, waterless printing with a DI digital offset press (removing the need for platemaking in certain jobs) and was one of the first UK companies to upgrade to the AGFA Azura TS chemistry free platemaking option for lithographic printing.


Brian Watson (Production Director) with the waterless Presstek DI digital offset press


Ian White (Technical Services Director) with the chemical free AGFA platesetter

Aside from investments in eco-friendly technology, a number of other positive steps have been introduced over the past few years. These include FSC, PEFC and ISO 14001 accreditation, data cleansing of mailing lists and donating waste paper to local schools.

Then came the car share scheme.

The car share scheme is a simple idea that rewards groups of staff for using one car to travel to work, instead of one car each. Car shares are logged throughout the year, and at the end of each year the company divides an amount of money between all employees involved, plus a charity nominated by the group who log the most number of shares. This has become a popular way for all staff to contribute to CSR and well as the company’s environmental aims.

One of the most significant recent initiatives is a waste management system with a target of 0% landfill. Within six months our waste to landfill has been reduced to under 1% of all waste produced – over 99% being recycled or converted to energy. This supports Potts’ aim to do more than simply offset carbon, but to minimize the overall environmental impact of the business.


One of the alcohol free Roland 700 litho presses at Potts

What next?

LED lighting. Rainwater collection. Solar power. Electric vehicles. These are all goals that Potts is targeting for the future.

Meanwhile, to stir up interest in Carbon Balancing for UK businesses, a Potts GreenPrint web page ( and Twitter account ( are about to be launched. These will provide information on how companies can increase their environmental awareness and decrease their impact, and update followers on forthcoming initiatives at Potts Print (UK).

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Press Contact: Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager

Potts Print (UK)
Atlas House
Nelson Park
NE23 1WG

Phone: 0845 375 1875
Mobile: 07747 777 186
Twitter: @pottsprintuk


Potts Print (UK) is a leading independent printing, packaging and direct mail company based in Cramlington, Northumberland.

Clients of Potts Print (UK) include international corporations, retail and pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and public sector organisations, creative agencies, charities, regional and local businesses and the performing and visual arts community.

All clients are offered cutting-edge lithographic and personalised digital applications to produce best value print solutions, bespoke packaging and direct mail combined with seamless production, storage and distribution services.

NOTE: The company name was changed to Potts Print (UK) in November 2010. The company was previously known as Potts Printers. Please refer to the company as Potts Print (UK) – or Potts within the flow of the text where preferred. Thanks very much.

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