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Press Release: Captain Scott’s 100th Anniversary Inspires Nigel Cabourn Collection and Potts Print (UK) Collaboration

British fashion designer Nigel Cabourn continues to work with innovative Northumberland printing company Potts Print (UK), collaborating on a Captain Scott themed book to showcase his AW2012 collection.


The 100th Anniversary of Captain Scott’s Antarctic Expedition fell on 17th January this year. Nigel’s collection, as shown in the hand-finished limited edition publication, emerged as a result of the designer’s fascination with this historic event.

Nigel says, “In preparation for this monumental celebration, I decided to visit the Scott Polar Research Institute for the first time in 2006. As a designer whose collections are inspired by history and real vintage clothing, my visit to the Institute inspired me to base my AW2012 collection on Scott.

“In 2011 I was privileged enough to gain access behind the scenes within the Institute, and was show additional archive garments which are not on display. I was delighted to find such a wealth of information, which spurred on my inspiration to create 12 individual garments that represent the achievements of Scott and his team on their last expedition.”

The book, entitled Limited Edition 2: Scott’s Last Expedition 1912 – 2012, will be presented as a gift to those who purchase the Scott’s Naval Jacket, and was also sent to special guests of the launch shows in January. The edition is limited to 2000 copies.


The collaboration with Potts Print (UK) involved creating a concept for a highly collectable publication that would act as a catalogue for Nigel’s collection as well as communicate the history, ambience and of course the clothing of the expedition party.

It was decided to base the book on the original Scott’s Last Expedition journal, which documents the progression to the pole and the people who undertook the journey. Archive photographs are shown alongside the new collection, showing the early 20th century clothing that Nigel’s designs were based on.

The process involved merging new graphic design with the layout of the first edition of the book, and using innovative finishing techniques to give the resulting object an aged quality. The dust jacket was actually spun in the tumble dryer of one of the Executive Directors after printing, which resulted in a torn and crumpled antique aesthetic.

Packaging was also a consideration. To both protect the book and to harmonise with the rugged appearance of its content, a utilitarian cardboard presentation box was produced by hand. Complete with an embossed title and stapled corners, the finished product reflects the masculine qualities of the clothing and the men that sparked their creation.


Because the book was intended as a gift to special guests as well as Nigel’s customers, the idea of including their invitation to the launch shows as a fold-out map came about. This was based on the original expedition map, enriching the historic information available to the reader as well as adding value to the item.


Limited Edition 2 is the latest outcome of a continuing relationship between the designer and Potts Print (UK), and is part of a series of unique and interesting creative solutions for Nigel.

Previous publications include Limited Edition 1: The Ascent of Cabourn, based on Sir Edmund Hillary’s achievement of being the first man to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and Burma, which is influenced by the memories of Nigel’s father as a Royal Signalman with the British Army in India, in the 1940’s.


Nigel and Potts will continue to work together on innovative printed publications in the future, and the next project to emerge from the partnership will be posted on Stop Press! 


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Press Contact: Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager

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Potts Print (UK) is a leading independent printing, packaging and direct mail company based in Cramlington, Northumberland.

Clients of Potts Print (UK) include international corporations, retail and pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and public sector organisations, creative agencies, charities, regional and local businesses and the performing and visual arts community.

All clients are offered cutting-edge lithographic and personalised digital applications to produce best value print solutions, bespoke packaging and direct mail combined with seamless production, storage and distribution services.

NOTE: The company name was changed to Potts Print (UK) in November 2010. The company was previously known as Potts Printers. Please refer to the company as Potts Print (UK) – or Potts within the flow of the text where preferred. Thanks very much.

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