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Press Release: Second New Heidelberg B2 Press Commissioned at Potts Print (UK)

The second press in a double B2 order from Potts Print (UK) at Drupa this year has been commissioned. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 will run alongside its sister press, the SX74, which is already producing work.


Above: Managing Director Shaun Johnson with the Heidelberg XL75 at Potts Print (UK)

The investment means greater capacity in the B2 market for Potts, and will give its clients a quicker turnaround time. The XL75 has replaced the CD74 after 8 years of production, and the SX74 is in addition to the other 7 litho presses on the print floor.

The XL75 is a 5 colour press with a dedicated coater, which Managing Director Shaun Johnson felt was best choice for the type of jobs and quality Potts looks to produce.

With today’s fast turnaround demands, a coating unit is most essential,” says Shaun. “The work going on to the XL75 will be almost 100% coated high quality work. It will do short run packaging and commercial work up to 800 microns in thickness. The SX74 will do short run 4 colour uncoated jobs and medium to long run spot colour work up to 200gsm.

Colour management is an important consideration at Potts, with all presses having a colour measurement system. This is both an efficiency measure and a marketable advantage. The XL75 is equipped with Inpress Control, the latest technology for colour control and consistency.

Colour consistency and the ability to control colour to a specific client’s needs are a given,” says Shaun. “The thing that impressed us most is the fact that you no longer need to scan the sheet offline and wait for the colour to be controlled.


Above: Managing Director Shaun Johnson with the Heidelberg SX74 at Potts Print (UK)

The investment will help to continue the growth of both turnover and profitability. Having larger capacity to take on new business will increase turnover, and the efficiencies of both presses will increase workflow and therefore the profitability of the business. Operators and clients have reacted very positively to the way Potts continues to invest and move forward.

New employment and training opportunities will be created as a result of the latest expansion. As current operators move to the new presses, opportunities for more staff to join the Potts team will be created.

The SX74 is currently running 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The XL75 will run 24/7 from the start, and eventually the SX74 will too.

Potts Print (UK) continues to implement ecological initiatives in its drive to maintain a highly sustainable business. Since becoming the first Carbon Balanced Printing Company in the North of England, every new piece of equipment – from the presses to the coffee machines – is carbon offset. The new Heidelbergs are also alcohol-free, which means the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) released into the environment is significantly reduced.

Operations Director Tony Mullarkey will be presenting at The Big Eco Show in Sunderland on 19th September, where North East businesses will showcase their breakthroughs in sustainability and share their expertise with other organisations in a variety of sectors.

Tickets are available at:


Above: Operations Director Tony Mullarkey on the mezzanine at Potts Print (UK)

Visit to find out more about the XL75 and SX74.

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Press Contact: Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager

Potts Print (UK)
Atlas House
Nelson Park
NE23 1WG

Phone: 0845 375 1875
Mobile: 07747 777 186
Twitter: @pottsprintuk


Potts Print (UK) is a leading independent printing, packaging and direct mail company based in Cramlington, Northumberland.

Clients of Potts Print (UK) include international corporations, retail and pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and public sector organisations, creative agencies, charities, regional and local businesses and the performing and visual arts community.

All clients are offered cutting-edge lithographic and personalised digital applications to produce best value print solutions, bespoke packaging and direct mail combined with seamless production, storage and distribution services.

NOTE: The company name was changed to Potts Print (UK) in November 2010. The company was previously known as Potts Printers. Please refer to the company as Potts Print (UK) – or Potts within the flow of the text where preferred. Thanks very much.

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