Printeresting Things From Potts Print (UK)

Did you know that Potts Print (UK) is on Pinterest?

Pinterest is ‘an online pinboard to organise and share the things you love’, which means anything you find online can be displayed on your profile and link directly to the website you found it on.

Some people use it to create mood boards for design or decoration projects; others use it as a wish list in the run up to Christmas; we use it to give you a taste of what goes on behind the scenes at Potts.


We’ve got a Potts GreenPrint board for our environmental projects, a Potts People board so you can get to know our staff, a Potts Portfolio with some of some of our creative projects, plus a Potts Printerests board for lovers of all things print related.

Join us on Pinterest today: www.pinterest.com/pottsprintuk


Laurie Cansfield

Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)

The first Carbon Balanced Printing Company in the North of England
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Find out more at www.potts.co.uk 
Stop Press! News & Entertainment from Potts Print (UK)


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