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Press Release: Increased Storage & Distribution Capacity for Potts Print (UK)

An extensive racking area has been installed in the secondary warehouse of the Potts Print (UK) storage and distribution facility, creating a bulk storage area that utilises the full height of the building and offers increased capacity in this area of the business.

Transforming the facility to the best of its potential has not only allowed Potts to store a larger volume of palletised product over a smaller area, it has also opened up the remaining area for the development of a dedicated pick/pack area.

Potts Print (UK) Warehouse

Chris Edge, Logistics Manager, says

The storage, handling and receipting of stock in and out were targeted as continuous improvement projects. It was identified that an improved work area would be required for the preparation of customers orders, particularly as orders can involve high volume or bespoke distribution. The goal is to ensure OTIF (On Time In Full) orders to all Potts Print (UK) clients.”

Potts Print (UK) Racking

The first stage was to split the Warehouse into two areas (one being fully racked and the other being a pick/pack general use area). Link 51 carried out the installation, and we decided on XL pallet racking which is cusomisable to suit the requirements of the stock. There are four double rows and two single rows, creating storage for up to 576 European pallets or 384 standard UK pallets.”

Potts Print (UK) Reach Truck

To maximise capacity, the aisles between racking were reduced to allow a reach truck to safely operate. The stock in the racking will be classed as bulk and will be retrieved for the purpose of line feeding into the pick/pack operational areas. This will reduce the need for double handling of stock, improving the storage capacity and allowing for a more streamlined pick/pack operation. In addition, stock takes will become more efficient.

The second stage is to have stock housed and available in smaller quantities within the pick/pack area, for clients who place regular orders.

Potts Print (UK) Pick Pack Area

The new system is part of the company-wide continuous improvement commitment at Potts, and it will benefit the business and its employees as well as its clients. The working environment for staff has also been improved, with a more maneuverable space in which to operate and more readily accessible stock.

The reduction of bulk palletising is essential in maintaining the integrity of the stock, and the racking system ensures that storage is maximized alongside this. The resulting increase in available floor space further improves the efficiency of day-to-day stock management activities at Potts.

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)

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Big Eco Show Press Release

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Potts Print (UK) is a leading independent printing, packaging and direct mail company based in Cramlington, Northumberland.

Clients of Potts Print (UK) include international corporations, retail and pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and public sector organisations, creative agencies, charities, regional and local businesses and the performing and visual arts community.

All clients are offered cutting-edge lithographic and personalised digital applications to produce best value print solutions, bespoke packaging and direct mail combined with seamless production, storage and distribution services.

NOTE: The company was rebranded as Potts Print (UK) in 2010. It was previously known as Potts Printers. Please refer to the company as Potts Print (UK) – or Potts within the flow of the text where preferred. Thanks very much.


Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)
Atlas House
Nelson Park
NE23 1WG
Phone: 0845 375 1875
Mobile: 07747 777 186


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