Documentary by Potts Employee on The Telly

A couple of months ago Stop Press! posted a story about a short documentary made by Potts Print (UK) communications manager Laurie Cansfield, called The Vaults. After being shown at the Star & Shadow cinema in Newcastle as part of the Stand Up For Shorts north east film event, it’s been scheduled for broadcast on the actual telly!

The Vaults

The Community Channel is going to show the half hour film as part of their ‘Postcards’ series about UK communities, which means you can watch it from the comfort of your sofa – complete with adverts and a man/woman with a TV voice introducing it. The channel broadcasts 24/7 on Sky 539 and Virgin Media 233, and on Freeview 87 in the early hours.

Community Channel

These are the dates and times…

Friday 9th August, 9pm (before ye gan oot)
Saturday 10th August, 3am (after ye get back)

The Vaults

Meanwhile, trailers and bonus material from the The Vaults can be seen on the www.properpubs.tv website, and news about the next film (looking at the Free Trade Inn, Newcastle) will be posted on there as well.

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