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PRESS RELEASE: Potts Print (UK) Management Team Increased By Five In 2014

Potts Print (UK) paves the way to the future with five new additions to its management team in January.

Michael Blake (Purchasing Manager), Andrew James (IT Manager), Michael Johnson (Production Manager), Paul Murphy (Quality Systems Manager) and Stephen Oates (Digital Print Manager) were promoted in January and have already begun their new roles. The new managers have all been working hard at Potts in a production or supervisory capacity for up to 10 years.

New managers at Potts

Potts has plans for further expansion in 2014, particularly within its Digital Print service, which has already increased to five presses over the past 12 months. Personalised digital printing is something more of our clients are utilising, which is reflected in the rapid growth of this department.

Web-to-Print will be a related service Potts will offer this year, and our IT team, in addition to further streamlining and automating the IT and Direct Mail processes, will play a key part in the development of our online printing option.

By completing this layer of management in Production, Purchasing and Quality Systems, Potts can ensure that it can develop its services and continue to increase all round quality for customers in the years ahead.

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Big Eco Show Press Release

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Big Eco Show Release 1

Laurie Cansfield
Corporate Communications Manager
Potts Print (UK)

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